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Japanese Animation Available Online

Two GDH titles, THE TOWER OF DRUAGA - THE AEGIS OF URUK and BLASSREITER, two new animated series produced by its main production subsidiary GONZO K.K. will be made available online for viewers overseas on the same day of TV broadcast in Japan.

The series will be provided with English subtitles on three websites: YouTube; Crunchyroll and BOST TV. The technical and commercial specifics of the video distribution will vary between these websites, from free streaming to fee-based download of high-resolution movie files, to cater to the different needs of users in the diverse digital climates.

Previously fans outside of Japan did not have access to Japanese animation titles until each property was licensed and localized for TV or videogram release in each respective territory.

Partially as a result of this gap in availability, a substantial amount of fansubbed pirated footage has traditionally proliferated the Internet via file sharing communities immediately following the first broadcast on terrestrial TV in Japan.

GDH's decision to provide its content globally in parallel with Japanese broadcast is an effort to offer equal accessibility and new viewing opportunities to fans around the world, while at the same time showcasing a legal online alternative to illegal file-sharing and downloading.

The web VoD services in this venture will also explore new business models that both maximize revenues from content exploitation and savings on distribution costs.

Drawing its inspiration from the hugely popular 1980s arcade games of the same name, THE TOWER OF DRUAGA is a fantasy epic that seldom takes itself too seriously. A cast of oddball characters set out on an epic quest in a finely tuned parody of videogame cliches that's guaranteed to put a grin on any gamer's face.

In BLASSREITER, only one man stands against the tide of destruction that is unleashed when there is an outbreak of "demonic blood," which transforms humans into demons bent on violence and destruction. Joseph Jobson is able to control his cursed demonic form and he must hunt down the man who cursed him and save the world from apocalypse. With stunning visuals, epic battles and a dark, mature storyline, BLASSREITER sets the standard for the next generation of animation.