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Japan Looks Beyond India to Thailand for Animation

Growing production costs in India have forced Japan's billion-dollar animation industry to look elsewhere for outsourcing cartoons, including Thailand, reports THE ECONOMIC TIMES.

Shuzo Shiota, ceo of Polygo Pictures, one of Japan's largest computer-animation studios, was in Bangkok last week to brief Thai entrepreneurs on the outsourcing opportunities awaiting them in Japan's 3D cartoon industry, which reported revenues of 1.4 billion yen (around $2 billion) in 2005, according to THE NATION.

Shiota said, "a huge number of Japanese animators," were now outsourcing work to India, but rising costs were forcing the industry to look elsewhere.

"With the higher production costs there, between 25-30% more expensive every year, Japan is looking for other possibilities," said Shiota. Thailand and China were among the most likely options, he said.