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Japan High Court Rules in Favor of VO Actors Over Anime Houses

On June 28, 2005, Japans Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that ordered Japan's largest animation production company to pay royalties to voice actors on video and DVD sales, reports MAINICHI DAILY NEWS.

The dismissal of Tokyo-based Nippon Animation Co.s appeal will force the company and an affiliate to pay nearly 87 million yen to about 360 voice artists, which includes Masako Nozawa (GALAXY EXPRESS 999 and DRAGON BALL) and Ichiro Nagai (TVs SAZAE-SAN).

In Nov. 2003, the Tokyo District Court ordered only the affiliate to pay the plaintiffs a full amount of royalties. In response to the appeal, in August, the Tokyo High Court also held Nippon Animation responsible for paying royalties as well.

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