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The January Issue Of Animation World Magazine Is Now On-line!

Without one Y2K fear we are slipping into 2001 already. This issue we are taking on the big questions that are facing the animation industry on the brink of the new year. For instance, Eric Oldrin discusses everyone's favorite topic, the Internet, and its current identity crisis. Michael Hurwicz is ponders whether or not the Internet is actually helping independent animators. Are there increased distribution outlets in this new age or are our fearless independents still in an unfunded jam? Finally, we take a long hard look at the U.S. job market and try to determine if this is one of animation's typical down cycles or if globalization is here to stay. We also ask mainstream newspaper entertainment editors their thoughts on animation -- is it growing up? Is it becoming more sophisticated? What are the papers that are influencing the general movie-going population saying? This should be an interesting trip outside the bubble.

We also have a very special interview with Piotr Dumala, director of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, a new masterpiece just hitting the festival circuit. Moreover, as a bonus treat, Piotr has written for us an essay comparing the magic of animation to that of alchemy. In the Student Corner we have the voice of Digimon, Joshua Seth, give his top ten voice acting do's and don'ts. Gregory Singer is profiling Flinch Studios, a very Flash-based studio, and Jacquie Kubin is taking us behind the scenes of Universal's newest dark ride, MEN IN BLACK. We are also happy to announce that Fred Patten is kicking off a new Animation World feature. Several times a year Fred will provide us with reviews of the latest anime releases. I bet you don't know what you are missing and will want to check out some of Fred's anime picks. Plus, Maureen Furniss is back with her short film reviews and we also take a look at Europe's Cartoon Forum.

A full Table of Contents is available here!