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Jakks Pacific Signs With Nick For TV Games

JAKKS Pacific, Inc. has signed a worldwide licensing agreement with Nickelodeon to create a Nickelodeon-branded TV Games product line. TV Games is a new plug and play 8-bit gaming system utilizing a television set, and will be developed and marketed through JAKKS' subsidiary Toymax International. Players plug the hand-held TV Games system into any standard television and then have 10 video games in one compact, portable controller. No game console, or other software or hardware, is required. JAKKS intends to develop Nickelodeon TV Games and launch the products in mid-2003. The games will be based on such Nickelodeon properties as BLUES CLUES, DORA THE EXPLORER, LITTLE BILL, ROCKET POWER, RUGRATS, WILD THORNBERRYS, SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, NICK-TIVITIES and GOOOZE.