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Jackie Chan Advances To Game Boy

Building on the popularity of the Kids' WB! animated series Jackie Chan Adventures, Activision has licensed the property to create Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance now available at retail. The game chronicles the adventures of Jackie Chan as he faces-off against the nefarious forces of the Dark Hand on a quest to uncover ancient mystical scrolls. The game combines anime-style animation with fast-paced comedy. As Jackie, martial arts pro and expert archaeologist, players can pull-off incredible moves and death defying stunts including quick punches, spin kicks and unbelievable acrobatic maneuvers. Additionally, gamers will be able to use in-game objects such as furniture and brooms to defend themselves. Jackie Chan Adventures: Legend of the Dark Hand carries a suggested retail price of $39.99 and is rated "E" for everyone.