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iXL Scores With ESPN "Champions of the World" Spot

iXL, an Atlanta-based Internet solutions firm, designed, edited and composited a 60-second spot to promote ESPN International´s coverage of the NBA Finals, the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Triple Crown, the French Open, the U.S. Open golf tournament and other top sporting events. The "Champions of the World" spot opens with a golden hued 3D graphic of the ESPN logo and "Champions of the World." The camera moves quickly around the graphic, while an animated gold circle, like a medal, forms. Next the viewer is dazzled with a highly paced montage of sports action bathed in a sepia tone, as the words "Power and Passion" float softly across the middle of the screen. iXL designer and Flame artist Frank Nemis and Smoke editor Chris Kreynus worked together, with freelance Avid editor Aaron Mackof, to create the complex project. Nemis said, "Having two Flames working in tandem gave us the flexibility required to incorporate the 3D animation and a distinctive look during a challenging production schedule." While Nemis worked on the animation, Kreynus was busy with the Discreet Logic Smoke editing system color-correcting the stock footage. "I spent a lot of time working with stock footage to make it match because some color correction of the original footage didn´t look quite right," explained Kreynus. "We pushed the colors and played with the layers to give it a golden, sepia look. The Smoke system was helpful in creating that timeless look."

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