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iXL Brings Tiger's Chibibotto To Life

iXL Digital Video Group has wrapped up the visual effects for a new 30-second spot promoting the new toy from Tiger Electronics entitled Chibibotto. In "Attack of the Chibibotto," a giant Chibibotto wreaks havoc in city, resembling a cheap GODZILLA movie. "The spot is an intriguing hybrid between retro monster movie and techno chic," said iXL Digital Video Group senior visual effects designer Doug Dimon. "It incorporated that old-school '50s feel with lots of bright colors and modern geometric shapes, almost occupying two time frames at once." The opening of the commercial uses classic-monster-movie "dripping" letter font, but by the end features a bright, floating, translucent lettering. Dimon explains how he created his own language for the spot, "I took Hebrew characters and switched them around, flipped them sideways, and cut them in half to create my own ersatz Japanese language. That way I knew I wouldn't send horrible messages to kids, which is important." The live-action footage was filmed by Rave Films and directed by Jay P Morgan.

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