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iXL Brings i-Cybie Robot Dog To Life

iXL Digital Video has wrapped on a new spot for Tiger Electronic's robot dog, I-Cybie. In the 30-second commercial, i-Cybie appears before a futuristic backdrop of swirling colors, and as the camera rotates, the robot performs tricks. "The titles had to look flashy but not appear too frenetic, nor could they distract from i-Cybie," explains Doug Dimon, senior visual effects artist at iXL Digital Video Group. "I decided to use a short blast with a slow fade technique, throwing titles up very quickly with laser-like effect, then letting them drift away. I wanted the important words to hang around longest, so the point would have time to sink in. For example, when the title 'Advanced Artificial Intelligence' is shown, I let 'Artificial' fade rapidly, while 'Advanced Intelligence' faded very slowly. It's just a subliminal trick to drive the point home." The commercial was produced for ad agency Posnick & Kolker. iXL's crew was made of senior visual effects artist Dimon, graphics coordinator Megan G. Sweeten and executive producer Robin Horlick.

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