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Iwerks Brings 3D/4D FX Theatre To Beijing, China

Iwerks Entertainment has opened a new Iwerks 3D/4D FX Theatre at Xidan Cultural Plaza in Beijing, China. The new multimedia attraction showcases PIRATES, a 3D attraction film from the Iwerks film library, enhanced with in-theater special effects. This is the second Iwerks 3D/4D FX Theatre installed in China. The first opened in Shenzen in 2000. Don Iwerks, co-founder and chairman of Iwerks Entertainment, said, "Only one year later, we've installed the second in Beijing and another is slated to open in Shanghai later this year. This is a tremendous affirmation of the company's position as the leading supplier of high-end, specialty theaters in this market." The new Iwerks 3D/4D FX Theatre features Iwerks' Academy Award-winning Linear Loop Large Format projection system in stereoscopic 3D, with digital audio surround-sound, custom special effects seats and in-theater special effects. The seats are the source of the special effects, which are programmed to seamlessly coordinate with the action of the film. Each seat is equipped with audio speakers, subwoofers, air jets, water sprayers and leg ticklers. "It is a unique opportunity to have one of the first venues in the country featuring this quality, high-tech attraction. We believe that the Iwerks 3D/4D FX Theatre will become a hot entertainment destination in Beijing, drawing people from throughout northern China," said Zuo Li Ping, chairman of Corona Entertainment Co., Ltd., the company which owns and operates the new Iwerks theater.

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