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It's All In The Mix For Black Logic & Twix

Black Logic was worked into the mix for a new musical two-spot campaign for Twix. In "Remote Control," two skateboarders flip channels on the TV moving from teen pop band Dream to polka performers then finally to rapper Lil' Bow Wow. The backgrounds are elaborately animated scenes of caramel, chocolate and cookie. "Our task was to integrate live-action and tabletop footage with our CG elements into a seamless world," said lead visual effects artist Patrick Ferguson. "We wanted to create a place where viewers will notice that the different types of music come together like the ingredients in a Twix bar." "Head Spin" opens on dancer Savion Glover from BRING IN DA NOISE, BRING IN DA FUNK, whose tapping feet kick up splashes of chocolate each time they hit the ground. The camera pulls back to reveal energetic swing dancers, then two cookies appear and mimic them. Pulling back again, we see a dancing rave girl with pools of caramel around her feet that burst into dancing fountains. "Our animators were challenged to create thirty seconds of a completely CG dimension in which cookies fly around mimicking the movements of swing dancers," said Ferguson. "The visuals were enhanced with 2 and 3D warping. CG chocolate spreads from Savion's (Glover) taps, live-action fountains twist and wiggle along with a rave dancer in a world that integrates food footage with live-action footage, supplemented with our own CGI elements." "Remote Control" and "Head Spin" were directed by Dave Meyers of FM Rocks, for ad agency Grey Worldwide, New York. Black Logic's team was comprised of: Ferguson, lead visual effects artist; Karen Stewart, executive producer; Carrie Murphy, visual effects producer; John Mabey, CGI production head; Scott Petill, CGI supervisor; Brian Benson, visual effects artist; Alan Neidorf and Lisa Hodge, visual effects artists; Bruce Gionet, Julio Soto, Andrew Dayton and Glenn Harper, computer artists; and Sebastian Bilbao and Adam Martinez, CGI technical directors.

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