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ITM Brings Producers and Freelancers Together

ITM Creatives, the artistic division of talent agency International Talent Management (ITM), has launched a site that allows producers to search for freelance artists, animators and related technicians by location, profession and availability. Operating across the three primary entertainment fields -- interactive entertainment, feature films and television -- ITM doesn't charge the hiring company for using its services and is committed to charging its clients a reasonable commission as part of their agency representation.

"Artists and animators are within one of the most abused work brackets across the entertainment industries," says Max Meltzer, Principal Talent Agent for ITM. "This is in terms of pay, restrictive contracts and rates charged by talent and recruitment agents. Production studios, too, suffer from the exacerbated rates charged by recruitment companies for these artists and animators. ITM's website links producers directly to the artists, who are well-looked after, legally and in terms of career development. We're one of the first talent agencies to operate primarily in the video games industry and the website is the base where ethical practices between games studios and talent comes together."

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