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ITE launches webstore

Los Angeles and Denmark-based ITE (Interactive Television Entertainment)has launched a webstore at, a website for the seriesTHROUT AND NECK which currently airs on the Game Show Network. Whileinteractive television has been popular all over the world, THROUT AND NECKis the first real-time animated action series to be broadcast on Americantelevision. features interactive games that can be playedonline, colorful graphics, clips from Behind the Scenes of the series,screen savers, and more. A comical and zany interactive series that airsMonday-Friday, THROUT AND NECK allows home viewers to play using theirtelephone keypads to control the movement of each monster. Throut and Neckare two unruly beasts who find themselves thrust into SheepHaven, amind-numbing world of annoyingly cute and adorable sheep. The game pits twoplayers against each other as they try to use their beast (Throut or Neck)to defeat the sheep and return home first. The webstore will offer avariety of Throut and Neck merchandise including T-shirts, baseball caps,backpacks, and more. The show debuted on May 3, 1999. A companion site, with more information about the television show, can befound at