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It’s The Mr. Hell Show To Get U.S. Premiere On Showtime Next

ITS THE MR. HELL SHOW!, a critically acclaimed animated comedy series from Sextant Entertainment Group, will have its U.S. premiere on SHOWTIME NEXT, the recently launched multiplex channel which targets 18-24 year-olds. The series, which is part of Showtimes ongoing effort to find new, high profile programming for the multiplex, will debut this fall with an option for a second season. ITS THE MR. HELL SHOW! stars Mr. Hell, a sulphurous, sardonic anti-hero with no regard for political correctness, voiced by British comedian/writer Bob Monkhouse. The show is written and created by executive producers David Freedman and Alan Gilbey, with Mr. Hell based on a character by Hugh MacLeod. The series has had numerous guest directors including: Marv Newland, best known for his work on THE PJs, Gary Larsons TALES FROM THE FAR SIDE and BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA; Andy Bartlett and John Moose Pagan (REN & STIMPY); Rob Boutilier (ED, EDD N EDDY); and Michael Grimshaw (BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD). Gary Garfinkel, vice president of acquisitions for Showtime Networks commented, ITS THE MR. HELL SHOW! is exactly the kind of funny, irreverent programming that appeals to SHOWTIME NEXTs core audience of 18-24-year-olds. We are pleased to bring a series of this caliber to our subscribers and look forward to its success on SHOWTIME NEXT. A Canada/United Kingdom co-production, ITS THE MR. HELL SHOW! is produced by Sextant Entertainment Group in association with Peafur Productions and The Comedy Network.