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An Israeli And A Lebanese Win Big At Bitfilm Festival

The Internet audience has made its decision after two months, and the Bitfilm Festival Awards are official. Ninety-one films from 25 countries competed for Bitfilm Awards in six categories. More than 130,000 people from 146 countries visited the Bitfilm Festival online.


3D Space -- Computer Generated 3D Animations

First Place (2,000 Euros): OUR WONDERFUL NATURE by Tomer Eshed (Israel/Germany)Second Place: DO PENGUINS FLY by Alban Lelievre (France)Third Place: FAST CARS by François-Xavier Bologna, Theophile Bondoux, Lyonel Charmette and Vincent Le Ster (France)

FX Mix -- Digitally Composed Hybrid Films

First Place (2,000 Euros): BEIRUT by Elie Dagher (Lebanon)Second Place: MTV Bahamut Program Packaging by Johnason Lo (Taiwan)Third Place: FLICKERMOOD by Sebastian Lange (Germany)

Flash -- Vector Animations Made With Flash

First Place (1,500 Euros): ANTIVIRUS by Santiago Riscos and Rafael Cano (Spain)Second Place: PLUSHOOD -- MEET YOUR NEW NEIGHBOURS by Tamar Moshkowitz (Israel)Third Place: HEAVENLY SWORD by Ben Hibbon (UK)

Machinima -- Films Shot Live In Computer Games

First Place (1,00 Euros): RUSTY WHISPERS: DENNIS by Robert Stoneman (U.K.)Second Place: I'M SO SICK by Baron Soosdon (Finland)Third Place: THE BALLAD OF THE SEX JUNKIE by Olibith (France)

Mobile -- Films And Series For Mobile Devices

First Place (1,500 Euros): A PERFECT LIKENESS by Darin McGovern (USA)Second Place: MOUSETRAP by Eckhard Kruse (Germany)Third Place: GRAHAM by Paul Scott-Jones (New Zealand)

Realtime -- animations rendered on the spot

First Place (1,500 Euros): LIFEFORCE by Andromedia Software Development (U.K.)Second Place: FAIRYTALE by Traction (Finland)Third Place: FR-041 -- DEBRIS by Farbrausch (Germany)