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Island Fever Creates Pesky Cockroach

Computer graphics house Island Fever Productions has completed two new commercials for Orkin's "fake-out" campaign. In this year's campaign, which like last years shows a pesky cockroach interrupting the viewing of two fake commercials, Island Fever Productions created the animation of the cockroach, all the additional animation and the final compositing for both commercials. The first faux commercial is for "Timmy Townsend P.I." in which Gary Coleman stars as a bumbling private eye. Island Fever created the CG logo treatment of flying streaking letters. The second faux commercial is for "Pegasus Perfume" in which a beautiful woman rides the legendary Pegasus winged horse through a sand dune background with Greek columns. Island Fever created CG wings for the live-action horse, which was shot over a large green screen background. The horse was tracked in 3D and the wings were animated to flow with the rhythm of the horse motion. Once lighting and rendering on the wings was completed, they were locked onto the live-action horse using a combination of 2D tracking and morphing techniques. The CG background of sand dunes and Greek columns was then created and tracked into place to create the entire scene. This same background was used in three of the shots. Island Fever Productions can be reached at