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Iron Kid Sold to Nickelodeon Benelux

IRON KID continues conquering territory. Well-known in Europe, Asia and the Americas, the BRB International series will be aired soon in Holland and Belgium through Nickelodeon Benelux. The group has just acquired the broadcast rights to this fun-filled action/adventure saga in 3D, and will distribute it in both countries on NickToons under the title EON KID -- in honor of the lineage of the young protagonist.

IRON KID (26 x 30') tells the story of Marty, a boy of the future who, after discovering the Fist of Eon, finds himself thrust to the forefront of a centuries-old battle between Good and Evil. Set in a world beset by robots and featuring a plot developed by scriptwriters Nicole Dubuc of KIM POSSIBLE and Ben Townsend of TORTUGAS NINJA, the series brings together all those ingredients that attract both pre-teen and teen audiences: action, comedy, adventure and special effects. The series is a hit in the U.S. -- airing as EON KID on Kids WB! In Portugal it appears on TVI, in Spain on TVE and Jetix, in Russia on Channel One Russian Worldwide and in the Middle East on Spacetoon TV.

IRON KID is also taking off in the field of licensing: Famosa in Spain; Playmates in the United States and ImExporta in Chile, have all launched action figures based on the series' main characters.

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