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Iridas Releases SpeedGrade DI

Iridas announced the release of SpeedGrade DI. The new application offers an industry-leading feature set for digital color grading and film finishing. In addition, SpeedGrade DI anchors the industry's first complete color pipeline with SpeedGrade OnSet (look management) and FrameCycler (calibrated review with grading applied). The result is complete mobility of color data up, down, and across production pipeline, opening the door to new, collaborative color workflow models.

SpeedGrade DI provides realtime color grading at resolutions up to 4K. A customizable interface, support for JLCooper panels, and user-defined order of operations allow SpeedGrade DI to accommodate a wide variety of color grading approaches and artist preferences. Conform, along with pan&scan, alpha channel keying/compositing, complex dissolves and transitions, and unlimited animated masks, combine to offer a full tool set for film finishing and mastering. Users have praised the intuitive interface and efficiency of SpeedGrade DI.

"The user interface enhancements, automation features and simplification of operations have been great," said Mike Inchalik, vp of strategy and marketing with DTS Digital Images (formerly Lowry Digital Images). "With SpeedGrade, the color decisions are maintained as metadata and only applied at the end of the process. I can't overemphasize the savings that delivers."

"Already with the original SpeedGrade release in 2003, it was clear that our non-destructive approach had the potential to change the way color grading is done," said Lin Sebastian Kayser, ceo/founder of IRIDAS. "Rather than being the last link in the postproduction chain, we believed that the process of developing a film's look could be open, collaborative and iterative. Today with the release of SpeedGrade DI, the color pipeline is complete: the vision has been realized."

SpeedGrade DI ( runs on Linux and Windows XP and requires a high-end workstation with an NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics card for Iridas exclusive pixel-shader rendering technology. SpeedGrade DI is available from Iridas and through its worldwide network of resellers.

Munich, Germany-based Iridas ( first introduced uncompressed realtime playback in 2001. It continues to be the leading developer of resolution-independent playback and non-destructive color grading technologies for film, broadcast, entertainment and scientific research. Iridas' SpeedGrade (, FrameCycler, DDS (Digital Daily System) and others applications are used by most major animation and post-production houses, including Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Industrial Light & Magic, The Moving Picture Co., ReelFX, DTS Digital Images and many others.

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