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Iridas Releases First Component of New Color Pipeline

Iridas, an industry leader in uncompressed playback technologies announced the release of Service Pack 2 for FrameCycler 3.5. This update introduces a key component of the new Iridias color pipeline. With SP2, FrameCycler playback applications now allow users to view sequences with SpeedGrade .look files applied. Color graded playback is thus now possible from every workstation or screening room at any point in the filmmaking process.

Since version 3, FrameCycler has allowed for calibrated playback of sequences with 3D look up tables. The Service Pack 2 update introduces a new dropdown menu for SpeedGrade .look files. This allows for the application of two LUTs simultaneously: for example for display device calibration together with color grading. The result is accurate playback and review of color graded sequences whether for digital dailies during production, or throughout post-production.

"Now you can see what the shot will look like in the final movie," said Oliver Hotz, president of Origami Digital (who did the previs and extensive vfx work on THE AVIATOR). "This will simplify a lot of production and post-production work. It would have been really great if we had had the capability to review shots with the old two-strip and three-strip film looks applied right in our FrameCyclers when we were doing THE AVIATOR."

"This is a first in the industry," echoed Michael Gallo, Iridas vp of product development. "With the growing role of digital technologies in filmmaking, the need to communicate and display color the way the cinematographer intended has become critical. With FrameCycler, and the SpeedGrade color pipeline, this is now possible."

To take full advantage of these new capabilities, Service Pack 2 requires an NVIDIA FX graphics card. Other systems can use .look files as a single load-time LUT during playback. FrameCycler 3.5 Service Pack 2 is free for owners of FrameCycler 3.0 and 3.5. Owners of previous versions of FrameCycler are eligible for upgrade pricing.

Munich, Germany-based Iridas ( first introduced uncompressed realtime playback in 2001. It continues to be the leading developer of resolution-independent playback and non-destructive color grading technologies for film, broadcast, entertainment and scientific research. Iridas' SpeedGrade, FrameCycler, DDS (Digital Daily System) and others applications are used by many major animation and post-production houses, including Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Industrial Light & Magic, The Moving Picture Co., ReelFX, Lowry Digital and many others.