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Iranian Great Scientists Get Animated Series

The Saba Artistic and Cultural Institute has contracted Hoor Institute to produce an animated series titled, GREAT SCIENTISTS, which will highlight the accomplishments of great Iranian and Islamic scientists, reports JAM-E JAM.

The main characters of the 13x10 series are Omid and Iman, two boys who after coming upon different questions about various scientific events are transported into the past, where they learn about the lives and works of Iranian scientists.

The series will chronicles the lives and works of the scientists, artists, literary figures and inventors, including: Ibn Moqaffa, a man of letters and translator; Mohammad-Ebne-Yahya Bouzjani, a mathematician and astronaut; Ibn Heisam, who has conducted many research works on physics of light; and Moses' brothers, three Iranian brothers -- one of whom founded the translation movement in Arab countries, the second was a mathematician and the third was a great inventor.

Farrokh Yekdaneh is writing and directing the 3D series, which will utilizes Iranian paintings and illustration style in its design.

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