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Iran Animation Film on Hafez in Works

Two Iranian animators are making an animation about the life of the great Persian poet, Hafez, inspired by the miniatures of the Timurid era, the Persian service CHN announced.

Vahid Nasirian and Saadat Rahimzadeh are working on the animation, which narrates the life of Hafez. In the film, Hafez falls in love with a woman, and his life is narrated from early youth to old age. There are no details, reports IRANMANIA, in this 20-minute animation, but it employs a number of his poems to narrate his biography and significant events throughout his life.

We chose to work on Hafez due to our high interest in him and his poetry, and because no animation or film has ever been made about Hafez for young adults, said Nasirian. We hope this can be a good beginning.

Hafez was born in Shiraz, south-central Iran, sometime between 1310-1325. Originally named Shamseddin Mohammad, he lived to the age of 69.

The film is being produced by the Saba Film Co. and will probably be broadcast on TV first and later screened at festivals. It was being readied for screening in January.