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IOMEDIA Creates MTV2 Online Fantasy Music Tycoon Game Promo

IOMEDIA Inc. teamed with MTV On-Air Promotions to create the motion graphics for a 15-second promotional spot for the online game, FANTASY MUSIC TYCOON. Airing on MTV2, the spot was customized to fit MTV's needs within a three-day timeframe. Followed by a montage of video footage and images, a graphics sequence features $100 bills raining down until one bill sweeps past the camera, wiping into the final shot of the FANTASY MUSIC TYCOON logo.

Animator and technical director Kris Rivel created and animated the $100 bills using Softimage XSI's particle system. Rivel, along with lead animator Mike Lasker, created eight short CG shots including newspapers featuring pictures and headlines of various music artists. Lasker and creative director Eric Rosemann created the end sequence with compositing done in Discreet's combustion.

FANTASY MUSIC TYCOON allows players to support their favorite music artists by building a roster of five or more bands and keep track of their ongoing success. The scores, which are based on real life statistics such as album sales, news headlines, Control Freak wins, appearances on MTV, MTV2 and, performance at the VMAs and video countdown performance are tallied each week. The overall winner travels to NYC and receives a MTV2 TV Special spot.

Founded in 1997 and based in New York City, IOMEDIA is an award winning creative agency that specializes in using 3D and digital media for custom communications productions. For more information contact IOMEDIA at: 91 Fifth Avenue, Fourth Floor, New York, New York 10003; tel: (212) 352-1115; fax: (212) 352-1117; or

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