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Introducing The New Loose Moose

Loose Moose Productions, the new incarnation of the London based, stop-motion, puppet and CG animation company, was created following Ken Lidster's departure to work on a feature film at Laika in Portland, Oregon. The new company was launched with an array of established and young talent, including four new directors.

Referring to the new line up, Executive Producer Glenn Holberton said, "The injection of new directors and designers has created a real buzz and sense of purpose, galvanizing the whole team."

Directors include existing Loose Moose-er Ange Palethorpe, who has most recently directed spots for Nabisco, Heinz and Barely There bras in the U.S. and work on a Snuggle spot in Europe, and CGI directing duo Morgan Powell & Neil Kidney who work as Seed Animation Studio.

Also on board are director Andy de Emmony, with whom Holberton worked at Spitting Image. In addition to high profile TV work with actors such as Julie Walters and David Tennant, de Emmony has directed commercials including work for Snuggle, Uncle Ben's, Velux and the on-going campaign for Dolmio sauces.

Also new is Sandy Johnson, who has just finished the directing the new Harry Enfield/Paul Whitehouse series, and also directed Love Soup, Supernova and Benidorm.

Another new helmer includes director Barry Purves, with whom Holberton produced spots for Toilet Duck, Woolworths, Bird's Eye and Pictionary, plus short films including the Oscar-nominated SCREENPLAY and RIGOLETTO. Purves also worked with Peter Jackson during the development of KING KONG.

Animator/director John Shearlock continues to work with the company while living in New Zealand.

The core team at Loose Moose Productions previously produced U.K. and U.S. work including the acclaimed Monster Munch spot, original Peperami, Kellogg's AppleJacks, Nabisco Chips Ahoy! and Quaker Oats' Windy Miller campaigns.

The company has a greenscreen, motion control studio in their Berwick Street building. Facilities are available for hire and include 35mm movie and digital cameras plus lights. The area is 25 feet by 15 feet and is suitable for visual effects, stop-motion animation and table top shoots.

Showreels and full details can be found at the revamped website: and on