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InterSense Sensors Go Gothic with Animazoo’s New Motion Capture Suit

InterSense Inc., the market leader in body worn, inertial tracking technology, continues to support Animazoo, a world leader in motion capture technology, with InertiaCube3 sensors for use in the GypsyGyro-18 MoCap suit. Animazoos most recent delivery of the GypsyGyro-18 went to Piranha Bytes, for speeding the production of character animation in the upcoming game title GOTHIC III. Piranha Bytes is a German game developer who created one of Europes most popular role playing games with its GOTHIC series.

The GypsyGyro-18 has enabled us to set up a MoCap pipeline for GOTHIC III in no time,said Horst Dworczak, lead artist for Piranha Bytes. The system is easy to use with minimal set up and calibration so that, starting from scratch, we have been able to build high quality animations for the game within days. In addition to in-game animations and walk cycles, Piranha Bytes is also using the GypsyGyro-18 to create animations for promotional and game cinematics.

InterSenses InertiaCube3 sensors allow us to create a robust, easy to use, wireless motion capture solution for all of our clients, stated Ali Kord, founder/cto of Animazoo. The smooth inertial data combined with the GypsyGyro technology produces motion capture data requiring little or no cleanup.

The sourceless InertiaCube3 sensors provide data capture with no occlusions or marker swapping and none of the data tagging issues associated with optical or magnetic systems. The wireless operation of the GypsyGyro-18 allows the suit to be used either indoors or out with a capture area larger than the size of a football field.

GypsyGyro-18 will be on display at SIGGRAPH 2005 in Los Angeles from Aug. 2-4, 2005. Representatives from Animazoo will be at the Meta Motion booth #1455 demonstrating the GypsyGyro-18. InterSense will be in booth #2061 demonstrating the Wireless InertiaCube3 product along with other InterSense inertial-based tracking products.

Animazoo UK Ltd., established in 1993, manufactures the world famous Gypsy motion capture systems. Based in Brighton, with an international network of dealers and distributors, Animazoo has years of experience working in creative, academic and corporate markets. Gypsy systems are used in computer animation, film, and live performance; as well as in research and design applications. For more information, visit or contact +44 (0) 1273 234 686.

InterSense Inc., founded in 1996, is the market leader in miniaturized, inertial-based, precision motion tracking technology used with simulation, training and immersive displays. InterSense's patented motion tracking products enable realistic interaction with computer graphics for many applications, including simulation & training; oil & gas exploration; virtual prototyping & design; medical imaging; entertainment; and video/film production. Privately held, InterSense is headquartered at 36 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA. For more information, contact (781) 541-6330 fax (781) 541-6329 or visit

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