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The Interpreter Translates to Number One at the Box Office

Sydney Pollacks THE INTERPRETER, starring Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn, captured the top spot at the box office in its debut weekend ended April 24, 2005. The old-fashioned suspense thriller took in $22.8M for Universal, upending MGMs remake of THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, last weeks champ, which hauled in $13.7M and $44.3M for a second place finish. Paramounts SAHARA (with vfx from Cinesite and Double Negative) dropped to third with $9M for a cume of $48.9M. Buena Vistas A LOT LIKE LOVE with Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher bowed in fourth place with $7.5M. Sony Picture Classics KUNG FU HUSTLE shot up to fifth place with $6.7M (with vfx help from Centro Digital Pictures) as it went into wide release. Foxs FEVER PITCH settled for the sixth slot with $5.5M and $31.5M. Dimensions SIN CITY (aided by vfx from CafeFx, Hybride and The Orphanage) fell to seventh place with $3.7M and $67.2M. Sonys GUESS WHO occupied the eighth spot with $3.5M and $62.3M. Fox/Blue Skys 3D-animated ROBOTS settled for ninth place with $3.4M and a handsome cume of $120.2M. And New Lines KINGS RANSOM debuted in ninth with $2.1M. Box office information obtained from