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The International, Shaun the Sheep, Predator 2 on DVD/Blu-ray

Home video releases for June 9 include the DVD/Blu-ray debut of THE INTERNATIONAL, the Blu-ray release of PREDATOR 2 and DVD compilations of BOB THE BUILDER and SHAUN THE SHEEP.


Bob the Builder and his Can-Do Crew lay the foundation for teamwork in the all-new BOB THE BUILDER: TRUCK TEAMWORK, featuring never-before-seen content available only on the DVD on June 9, 2009 from Lionsgate and HIT Ent.

Team up with Bob the Builder and his Can-Do Crew in five fun-tastic episodes as they build an exercise park at Bobland Bay, construct a new ice cream parlor complete with a giant ice-cream cone on top, and help with the new shelter to keep the machines cool. Join Muck in a machine wash you won't forget and see how Benny and Scoop learn that they can accomplish anything with a Can-Do attitude. Get ready for a truck-tacular experience and see that teamwork and friendship are the building blocks for fun and adventure!

Episodes include:

"Scoop's Best Team Ever""Go Mr. Bentley Go""Packer's Trailer Trouble""Muck's Machine Wash""Breezy Bristle"

Special Features Include:

-- Bonus Episode: "Roary Takes Off"-- "We Can Do It" Read-Along-- "If You Were On Bob's Team" game -- Determine which building team is best for you!


Interpol agent Louis Salinger (Clive Owen) is determined to expose an arms dealing ring responsible for facilitating acts of terrorism around the globe. But as his investigation leads Salinger and his partner, Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Eleanor Whitman (Naomi Watts), deeper into the secret world of greed, corruption and murder, they become targets of a deadly conspiracy so vast, they soon find the only people left to trust are each other. From Sony Pictures Home Ent.

Directed by Tom Tykwer (RUN, LOLA, RUN), the movie boasts some 550 vfx shots, all produced at Prague-based Universal Production Partners (UPP). The project was shepherded by VFX Supervisor Viktor Muller, VFX Producer Vit Komrzy and CG Supervisor Jaroslav Matys. "UPP had done a number of large projects for U.S.-based production companies, however THE INTERNATIONAL was our first large project with Sony Pictures," Muller says. "We very much appreciated the opportunity to work on this type of project. It consolidates our position as being attractive to U.S. filmmakers. Tom Tykwer was very busy during the project and was not able to be in Prague. He preferred to have meetings during the editing process. We used CineCync conferences and FTP for daily business communication."

DVD Special Features Include:

-- Commentary with Director Tom Tykwer and Writer Eric Singer-- Making THE INTERNATIONAL-- Salinger & Whitman - Extended Scene-- The Architecture of THE INTERNATIONAL

Blu-ray Special Features Include:

All of the above, plus:-- BD Exclusive-CineChat

PREDATOR 2 on Blu-ray

This electrifying action sequel unleashes the deadly invisible Predator in another jungle -- the urban jungle of Los Angeles. Danny Glover stars as a lieutenant who mistakenly concludes that mangled bodies found by the police are the work of feuding gangs. Instead, he finds himself confronting a savage alien who has come from a distant world to hunt humans for sport.

This 20th Century Fox Home Ent. release features vfx from The Howard A. Anderson Company, Pacific Titles & Optical, R/Greenberg Associates and Stan Winston Studio.

Special Features Include:

-- Commentary by Writers Jim Thomas & John Thomas and Director Stephen Hopkins-- Featurettes-- Still Galleries


It's a farmyard of fun when Shaun the Sheep and his hilarious flock of wooly friends leap onto DVD in the all-new SHAUN THE SHEEP: SHEEP ON THE LOOSE arriving in stores June 9, 2009 from Lionsgate and HIT Ent.

Shaun the Sheep and his barnyard gang are back with more chaos in the countryside! The Oscar-winning creators of WALLACE AND GROMIT do it again with sheep-tacular new adventures and shear wackiness. Shaun is a sheep who doesn't follow the flock, and along with the other sheep and those naughty pigs, there's sure to be plenty of mayhem in the meadow. Follow along with Shaun and his barnyard buddies Shirley, the Farmer, Bitzer the sheep dog and the naughty flock in these six hilarious episodes:

"Sheep On the Loose" - Nearly all the sheep take the bus to the fun fair. Shaun and Shirley must convince the Farmer that the flock is out to pasture."Saturday Night Shaun" - Shaun finds the Farmer's old record player in the dump and organizes a rave in the barn - but trouble looms when the Naughty Pigs crash the party."Tidy Up" - The sheep's field is a mess, and the Farmer tells Bitzer to clean it up - but he makes the mistake of getting Shaun and company to help."Shaun the Farmer" - The Farmer is sick in bed, so, with Bitzer playing nurse-maid, it's up to Shaun to handle the daily chores around the farm - with disastrous results."Camping Chaos" - An unfriendly camper sets up his tent in the sheep's field. When he goes off exploring, Shaun and the flock decide to do some exploring of their own."You Can't Stand the Heat" - It is a scorching hot day, and the flock is desperate to cool down in the Sheep Dip. There's only one thing in their way: the sun-bathing Farmer!

Special Features Include:

-- Snout, Trotter & A Curly Tail - Building A Pig -- One of Aardman's chief model makers shows kids how a Naughty Pig is created from start to finish-- The Mini Making Of Shaun -- A behind-the-scenes look at how Aardman produces Shaun the Sheep, with episode clips, character models and model makers