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International Box Office Gets Scary

This past week, the international box office got a bit frightful with SCARY MOVIE, WHAT LIES BENEATH and HOLLOW MAN taking top spots around the globe. In Mexico, SCARY MOVIE debuted in first place with a gross of $2.33 million. In second, WHAT LIES scared audiences to the tune of $917,416, lifting its Mexican cume to $6.23 million. U-571 thrilled audiences in third, with a gross of $648,055, raising its Mexican cume to $1.6 million. In sixth, HOLLOW MAN made $406,055 disappear from Mexican moviegoers' pockets, advancing its cume to $5.14 million. In its second week in Mexican theaters, FREQUENCY channeled another $269,454 into its cume of $608,248. In Germany, SCARY MOVIE overtook THE HOLLOW MAN to claim first place, grossing $2.12 million and elevating its cume to $10.96 million. HOLLOW settled for second with a gross of $2.08 million, escalating its German cume to $5.86 million. In fifth, WHAT LIES landed an additional $673,231 to raise its German cume to $7.79 million. Rounding out the top ten in Germany, THE ROAD TO EL DORADO danced in $228,921, increasing its cume to $1.44 million. In Sweden, SCARY MOVIE picked up more theaters thus picking up a #1 finish, grossing $433,329 and pushing its cume to $1.15 million. ROMEO MUST DIE debuted in fifth, with a gross of $134,736. In a seventh place Swedish premiere, the animated flick, HELP! I'M A FISH, swam in with a gross of $87,018. THE TIGGER MOVIE fell to eighth, grabbing $83,716, thus bouncing its Swedish cume to $1.4 million. Like in Germany, the Swedish debut of EL DORADO closed out the top ten with a ticket take of $46,554.

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