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International 3D Awards Nominees Announced

Nominees for the 1st Annual International 3D Awards have been announced and Jason Schleifer, animation lead at Weta Digital (LORD OF THE RINGS), will host the Short Films category at the ceremony to be held in the evening, May 9, 2003 at the 3D Festival 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Schleifer also chaired and oversaw the judging process for the Short Films category with an international panel of jury members from the 3D industry. The short film nominees are: - SHOW & TELL, Kapow Pictures, Australia- THE CHUBBCHUBBS, Sony Pictures Imageworks, USA- CANE TOAD, Andrew Silke and David Clayton, Australia- MIKES NEW CAR, Pixar Animation Studios, USA- POLAR BEARS GARYS FALL, Passion Pictures, UK

The winners will be awarded the Digital Hero trophy, hand sculpted by Dan Platt, at the ceremony, sponsored by HP, NVIDIA and Alias|Wavefront May 9 at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, running in conjunction with the 3D Festival 2003. The rest of the nominees are:

Feature Film VFX- SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON, DreamWorks, USA - SPIDER-MAN, Sony Pictures Imageworks, USA - STUART LITTLE 2, Sony Pictures Imageworks, USA - STAR WARS EPISODE II, Industrial Light & Magic, USA - HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS: Chamber Sequence, Framestore CFC, UK - LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS, Weta Digital, New Zealand

Television VFX- WILD WEATHER FOR BBC ONE, The Moving Picture Company, UK - DINOTOPIA (mini-series), Framestore CFC, UK - THE GIANT CLAW/LAND OF GIANTS, Framestore CFC, UK - THE FUTURE IS WILD, 422 Ltd., UK

Commercials- LEVI'S STAMPEDE, The Mill, UK - NINTENDO, La Maison, France - LEVI'S ODYSSEY, Framestore CFC, UK - X-BOX MOSQUITO, Framestore CFC, UK - CARL AND RAY: KUNG FU, Tippett Studio, USA - MURPHY'S PEANUT, The Mill, UK

Music Videos- NATURE IS ANCIENT (Bjork), Glassworks Post Productions Ltd., UK - RESPIRE (Mickey 3D), André Bessy, Jerome Combe, Stéphane Hamache, Eric Prebende and Sylvain Tardiveau, France - MISS LUCIFER (Primal Scream), The Moving Picture Company, UK - COURAGE, for Cartoon Network, FilmTecknarna Animation AB, Sweden - USE YUR IMAGINATION, Oddworld Inhabitants, USA

Independent Animations- PIGLY, Philippe Tailliez & Sandrine Auvertin, France- THIS WONDERFUL LIFE, Liam Kemp, UK- ETERNAL GAZE, Sam Chen, USA- CHAIN SMOKER, Ulf Lundgren, Sweden- HENRY'S GARDEN, Moon Seun and Kevin Geiger, USA

Game Cinematics- WARCRAFT III: REIGN OF CHAOS, Blizzard Entertainment, USA - NEED FOR SPEED: HOT PURSUIT 2, Lost Boys Studios for Electronic Arts, Canada - DEAD TO RIGHTS, Attitude Studio for Namco Hometek, France - PRIMAL, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Cambridge, UK

Logos and Idents- THE PRESENTATORS: PETS for Nickelodeon UK, Aardman, UK - MORNING GLORY 1 for MTV Networks Nordic, FilmTecknarna Animation AB, Sweden - TELETOON, Guru Animation Studio, Canada - BIG BROTHER STINGS for E4, The Moving Picture Company, UK - SANTA LIGHTS UP NEW YORK for Radio City Music Hall, Kleiser-Walczak, USA

Technological Innovation Special Award- The Terrain Engine behind STAR WARS GALAXIES: AN EMPIRE DIVIDED, Sony Online Entertainment, USA- Animanium: An Application For Character Animation with Flexible Inverse Kinematics, The University of Tokyo and Sega Corporation Mirari R&D, Japan- RealFlow: Fluid Dynamics, Next Limit, Spain- FaceGen: Statistical based face generation technology, Singular Inversions, USA- Shave and Haircut: Dynamic hair simulation technology, Joe Alter, USA- NPR1: Non-photorealistic rendering system, Reyes Infografica, Spain

Industrial Design- Philips MC-i200 Flash product presentation, Annemieke Froger (Philips Design/Communications), Netherlands - AudiPhone, Gabor Vaszkun, Hungary - Z1010, Jeanna Kimbré (Sony Ericsson), Sweden - Philips eXp 431 Flash product presentation, Annemieke Froger (Philips Design/Communications), Netherlands

Architectural Visualization (Animation)- The Edge, Smoothe Ltd., UK - My House, Architecture in Motion, UK - Residential Housing 'Het Volk,' AniMotionS, Belgium - Bristol City Academy, Blink Image Ltd., UK

Architectural Visualization (Still)- Venezia, Peter Hoffman, Germany - Vertical Village project - bioclimatic tower, Igor Knezevic (Flare Group), USA - My House, Architecture in Motion, UK - Turning Torso, apt. A3, Aaro Designsystem AB, Sweden

Student 3D Animation- BERT, Moonsung Lee, USA - ON THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET, Wilhelm Landt (Hochschule für Künste Bremen), Germany - DRONEZ, Paul Dreisen, Alexander Hupperich, Manuel Macha, Leif Arne Petersen (German Film School), Germany - TIM TOM, SUPINFOCOM, France - RITTERSCHLAG, Sven Martin, Sebastian Frey, Florian Kraft, Stephan Haase, Oliver Bermes, Tim Weimann, Tom Bracht, Denis Behnke, Sven Dreesbach, Volker Willmann, Oliver Finkelde (Institute of Animation, Visual Effects and Digital Post-production), Germany - LE FAUX PLI, SUPINFOCOM, France

3D Art (Still)- ONE LAST TIME, Steven Stahlberg, Malaysia - LEAVING THE FIFTIES, Stephane Belin, France - TRUST, Dany Lyon, Switzerland - SAVAGE WARRIOR, Juan Jose Palomo, Spain

The International 3D Awards ( ) honors the achievements of companies and individuals in the 3D computer graphic arts industry. Held annually at the 3D Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark, it covers the entire spectrum of the 3D industry. The 3D Festival ( is the leading European event for 3D computer graphic artists comprised of three conferences: 3D Festival Conference; Game Developers World and Architectural Visualization Conference; and the largest exhibition of creative services in Europe.