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Interactive Effects lead Avid Customers into the Light

With Avid's recent announcement that they are effectively 'dropping' theircontinued development and support of Media Illusion and Matador,Interactive Effects has stepped in to offer customers using those productsa new solution. Interactive Effects is already an established provider ofdigital tools for visual effects artists, filmmakers and broadcasters.Their flagship product, the Piranha HD Visual Effects System, is in use bymany top studios all over the world (Pixar, Industrial Light + Magic, andPixel Envy to name just a few). However, this unexpected and somewhat boldmove could help them to expand vastly their user-base, securing Piranha asthe top visual effects system in operation today. Interactive Effects isoffering all Media Illusion and Matador users an option to switch to thePiranha HD Visual Effects System at a discounted price of US$25,000. Thisprice is exactly half the recommended retail price of $50,000, proving justhow serious Interactive Effects is at taking over Avid's huge number of newmedia and visual effects customers. Not often does an opportunity like thisarise for a company in this competitive industry -- an opportunity to quiteliterally take over a large corporation's user base in a matter of months.Interactive Effects has an opportunity to shift the balance of the industrysignificantly, and make their mark as a leader in providing visual effectssolutions to professionals. With an update of Piranha due out in 2000,Interactive Effects is showing strong signs of growth. There's only onequestion lingering in this quite extraordinary situation....what does Avidthink about all this? For more information visit