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Intelligent Creatures Taps eyeon Fusion

Intelligent Creatures returns to their production roots with eyeon Fusion.

Toronto, Canada -- Intelligent Creatures announced their decision to return to their production roots in Fusion and define their pipeline with the entire eyeon suite of technologies and workflow methodologies.

“We've been working closely with eyeon to develop a new pipeline around Fusion and Generation project management and shot review. The ability for artists to review their work in the context of an active timeline is amazing. For supervisors it's a powerful tool for shot review. It allows us to quickly dial in color, focus, depth, or camera moves across a sequence of shots, and helps ensure consistent quality work” said Eric Doiron, Compositing Supervisor at Intelligent Creatures.

With a long history in helping directors tell the most compelling stories possible in such films as Battle: Los Angeles, Watchmen, Babel, The Fountain, Stranger Than Fiction, and Mr & Mrs. Smith, Intelligent Creatures are one of the industry's most creative VFX firms. Their recent efficiency improvements also confirm they are as progressive as ever.

“On the heels of a VFX industry outcry for fairness to studios and artists worldwide, Intelligent Creatures are a perfect partner to fine tune our pipeline vision. We've been working with the best minds in VFX to answer very real concerns for cost effective filmmaking, and IC are a welcome voice” said Steve Roberts, CEO eyeon Software

Joining forces with industry innovator eyeon Software to secure their commitment to a more efficient workflow comes at what could be considered a critical time for many in the VFX field.

When asked to respond to the benefits of Fusion, Doiron elaborated,“I really like how Fusion approaches depth compositing and volumetric effects. Through efficient use of the world position pass, Fusion achieves beautiful volume masking and fog effects in a format with a very small data footprint. And since calculations are in world space, the solution is independent of the camera point of view. The low data overhead rendering in near real time allows for more iterations and reduced turnaround time. This gives artists incredible creative freedom up until the last minute, and provides significant savings for the producers.”

All eyes are on those who are making strides at a time when survival is often at hand. Intelligent Creatures are once again proving their name sake.

Source: Intelligent Creatures

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