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Int’l Broadcasters Renew New Teenage Mutant Turtles for Third Season

4Kids Entertainment, Inc. will continue the new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES animated series, produced by Mike Young Prods., for a third season of new episodes (26) with TF1 (France), Media Set (Italy), and Fox Kids Europe and Latin America.

In addition, NINJA TURTLES already have renewals with GMTV (U.K.), VTM (Belgium), SIC TV (Portugal), Alter TV (Greece), Childrens Channel (Israel) and DTV (Turkey).

Global broadcasters are enthusiastic about the all-new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, said Brian Lacey, evp, international for 4Kids Ent. The series has launched worldwide with terrific audience response. The newest season of production raises the total number of episodes to 78, which enables broadcasters to build a scheduling franchise around these irreverent pop ninja icons.

The all-new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES launched in February 2003 on 4Kids FOX BOX in the U.S. Additionally, Cartoon Network is airing NINJA TURTLES weekdays during MIGUZI, its popular new afternoon action-adventure block, drawing strong ratings.

The NINJA TURTLES global lineup includes TF1 (France), GMTV (U.K.), Mediaset (Italy), Fox Kids Europe and Latin America (satellite TV), Foxtel (Australia), TELETOON (Canada), SIC TV (Portugal), RTE (Ireland), DR TV (Denmark), MTV3 (Finland), Alter TV (Greece), VTM (Belgium), Children's Channel (Israel) and Icelandic Broadcasting Corp. (Iceland), among others.

Season 3 features an intergalactic space war comes to the Turtles part of the galaxy when the Triceratons decide to invade the Earth. If the green team supreme can survive alien combat on their home planet, they still must face time-traveling wizards, mind-controlling monsters, genetically enhanced bounty hunters, the surprise return of one of their most deadly enemies and the final fate of the Shredder.

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