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Innoventive Software Releases FrameForge 3D First 3D Storyboarding Software

Innoventive Software, LLC has released FrameForge 3D, the first 3D storyboarding software. The program gives users an easy-to-manipulate 3D virtual film set with fully posable actors, hills, trees, snap-together walls, furniture and other elements. FrameForge 3D allows users to print the boards, including technical information required to create that shot on location. Storyboard shots can be associated with parts of an imported script, played as a slideshow, exported to standard graphics files, HTML pages or turned into a Macromedia Flash animation. Other features include:

- Simulates film sizes from 16 to 70mm with numerous aperture settings- Up to eight virtual cameras featuring full camera controls of pan/tilt, dolly, zoom and crane to find the best angles or shots to capture the story moment- Camera settings (Height, Angle of View and Zoom)- Complete 2D, overhead blueprint of all set elements including camera position- Trifold view with each stored shot: Camera view, 2D view and camera setting- Ability to import scripts from Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000, ScriptThing, Final Draft and Microsoft Word.

Currently, the software is only available for PC. The requirements are Windows 95 or better and at least Pentium III 350Mhz, 128 MB RAM (256MB recommended) and 65 MB hard disk space. FrameForge3D will be released for Mac OS 9.1 or better sometime in the fourth quarter of 2003. Requirements will be a G3 processor 500 MHz or higher, 256 MB RAM minimum and 65 MB hard disk space. The program is selling for $349 and $249 (educational).

Innoventive Software, LLC, has previously developed other software programs, including Movie Magic Screenwriter 2000, ScriptThing, Power Structure, Power Writer and Power Tracker. For more information contact Innoventive Software at tel: (877) 322-7733 or Web:

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