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Indonesian Sesame Street Moves In

Sesame Workshop and Jakarta-based Creative Indigo Production have created JALAN SESAMA, to debut on Trans7 on Feb. 18.

JALAN SESAMA features some furry Muppets, their human friends and celebrity guests to teach children basic cognitive and social skills, while representing the vibrant diversity of Indonesia's archipelago landscape.

Live action and animated films weave throughout each of the 52 half-hour episodes, reinforcing curriculum goals and showcasing Indonesian culture, tradition, language and arts.

The first episode takes place at the bale-bale where viewers will meet the characters as they get ready for the opening of the new library, which leads to a celebration with plenty of singing and dancing.

Future episodes will deal with everything from the aftermath of a flood to visiting the doctor to how to take a picture.

Live-action films will feature the orangutan conservation in Kalimantan and the one-horned rhinoceros conservation in Ujung Kulon.

Both animals are endangered and are represented by the Muppet characters Tantan and Jabrik.

Celebrity guests include drummer Gilang Ramadhan, Alford the Magician, soap star Irgi Fahrezi, trumpet player Eric Awuy, a capella group Jamaican Café, TV presenter Susan Bactiar, legendary Keroncong singer Hetty Koes Endang, movie star Surya Saputra, group Tangga, and the legendary Titiek Puspa.

Gramedia Publishing will begin producing JALAN SESAMA magazine, monthly children's publication with games and activities featuring the Muppet characters.

The magazine will debut on newsstands beginning April 2008.