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India's Prime Focus Acquires Post Logic Studios & Frantic Films VFX

India-based Prime Focus Group has expanded its reach into North America with the acquisitions of Post Logic Studios and Frantic Films VFX. Terms were not disclosed and the structure of these acquisitions is yet to be finalized.

Frantic Films also operates live-action production/post-production facilities and a television commercial division that will not be a part of this acquisition, and will continue to operate independently out of Winnipeg and Toronto, Canada.

Prime Focus currently owns six visual effects and post-production facilities across India and four facilities in London. Now it will add new facilities in Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Winnipeg, along with ownership of 55,000 square feet of prime real estate in Hollywood and 200 new staff members. Prime Focus Group facilities in India service the country's thriving $2 billion film industry; its London facilities service European film and television projects and in North America will continue to service the domestic film market.

Prime Focus Group plans to continue operations of both Post Logic Studios and Frantic Films as independent facilities, providing both companies access to a talent pool of more than 400 vfx artists worldwide.

"We are extremely delighted about investing into the incredible talent pool and technology at Frantic Films and Post Logic. The acquisitions strategically complete the Prime Focus Group's global proposition to ensure the best creative and technical services for content companies worldwide," said Prime Focus Group Founder Namit Mahlotra. "By virtue of their fantastic reputations and top quality services, Post Logic and Frantic Films will facilitate a gateway for Prime Focus Group into all of the major studios. Both companies also have strong R&D divisions that have developed proprietary technologies and processes for film color management, visual effects and pipeline collaboration which will benefit the organization as a whole."

"Having just launched our Image Science division and refining our 4K DI workflow, this acquisition comes at a very exciting time in Post Logic's history," said Larry Birstock, CEO, Post Logic Studios. "We look forward to being part of the successful Prime Focus Group organization and to taking advantage of creative synergies across continents and across disciplines to deliver a new model for the future of digital post production."

Bicoastal post facility Post Logic Studios, with offices in Hollywood and New York, is known for delivering digital intermediate, color science and post-production services to independent and studio feature clientele. Recent projects completed at the facility include HALLOWEEN, AMERICAN GANGSTER, MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH, PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND, SMART PEOPLE and ELITE SQUAD.

"The acquisition by Prime Focus Group will allow us to expand the Frantic Films presence in North America with additional staff and resources to take on even larger projects than ever before," said Frantic Films co-founder Chris Bond. "We also anticipate working closely with Prime Focus Group companies across North America, India and the U.K. to broaden our pipelines internationally, and offer our film VFX clients an expanded slate of post services."

Frantic Films businesses include an award-winning visual effects company, with offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver and Winnipeg. Prime Focus Group will also be acquiring Frantic Films Software, the company's R&D division that develops and markets visual effects software solutions. Frantic Films has worked on FANTASTIC FOUR: THE RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, GRINDHOUSE, SUPERMAN RETURNS, X-MEN 3, POSEIDON, MR. MAGORIUM'S WONDER EMPORIUM and JOURNEY 3-D.

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