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Indian Studio SciClone Adds High-End 3D Work

One-year-old digital animation studio SciClone Motion Graphics ( has been adding experience in high-end 3D graphics as of late, reports Anand Gurnani in ANIMATION XPRESS. Focusing mostly on television commercials, SciClones recent clients have included Underground Music Movement, for which it created a high-end TV ad featuring a 3D ant, fluid simulations and a lot of compositing. Other brand clients include Colgate SciClone has animated a dozen commercials for this brand alone as well as Tide, Fair & Lovely, Samsung, Nutrine and ABN Amro Bank.

The studio, which was founded by Akash Reddy, Evon DGama Reddy and Thomas Cherian, is about to complete a one-minute 3D-animated short called HOUND-DAWG, inspired by the famous Elvis Presley song. It took 20 days for a team of 12 to produce the short using XSI.

SciClone plans to take the plunge into long form and other animation work.

"We are very interested in getting into full fledged high-end animation work and HOUND-DAWG showcases our skill sets and show off something which is really of high standards, said Reddy. The short displays how well we can execute details of secondary motion, the shots have been looked at in a very deep perspective."