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India Strives for More Property Rights

At the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas conference in India that began Jan. 6, 2005, Indian animation firms stressed the ownership of intellectual property rights (IPR) as the key way for the industry to stretch out into the global marketplace, reports INDO-ASIAN NEWS SERVICE.

"India and China are the two places where the action is going to be," Vishal Gondal, founder and director of Indiagames Ltd. "There is a great potential for Indian animation and gaming companies to create own IPR and then hit the global market in a big way.

"Given the growth in the domestic animation sector, IPR of some of the best animation products will be bagged by Indian firms in the coming years," Seemha Ramanna, managing director of Crest Animation Studios, said.

Ramanna said currently more than 80 small and medium size animation companies were developing quality entertainment products for leading Indian as well as overseas media firms.

"Animation has become a family business and as a result of it, production and technology needs in the industry are evolving at a rapid pace," she said.

Ashish Kulkarni, coo of animation studio Jadoo Works Private Ltd., said the animation industry would be completely technology driven in the near future. "The real future for India lies in creating IPR for the global audience. We have enough funds available to create IPR.

Gondal said, "Technology will never be an issue for the animation and gaming sectors but finding people who can use the latest technology will be an issue."

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