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Incredibles Cine-Manga Coming!

TOKYOPOP, in conjunction with Disney Publishing Worldwide and Pixar Animation Studios, will be releasing a Cine-Manga book based on THE INCREDIBLES in March 2005. Delivered in TOKYOPOP's Cine-Manga format, the book version will present the films plotline with vivid screen captures and manga-style word balloons.

"THE INCREDIBLES is a remarkable feat of animation, and TOKYOPOP is thrilled by the opportunity to capture its big-screen fun and excitement in a unique and compelling format for readers," said TOKYOPOP's senior editor of Cine-Manga, Elizabeth Hurchalla. "We are certain that our Cine-Manga will do its title justice."

TOKYOPOP is a youth-oriented entertainment company that creates, licenses and publishes hundreds of book, DVD and music properties. Visit for additional information.

Disney Publishing Worldwide (DPW) is the largest children's publisher in the world, with 274 million copies of children's magazines sold worldwide and 120 million children's books sold each year. A leading comics publisher, Disney Publishing has been producing comics since 1930, with more than 340 regular titles read in more than 80 countries around the globe. DPW is based in New York City.

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