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Incredible Hulk Powers Way To Box Office Win

Universal's THE INCREDIBLE HULK won the box office (ending June 15) with a $54.414 million (actuals) opening weekend. The Edward Norton-led film's vfx were by Gentle Giant Studios, Giant Studios, Hydraulx, Image Engine Design, Lidar Services, Lola Visual Effects, Rhythm and Hues and Soho VFX.

KUNG FU PANDA (DreamWorks, vfx by PDI DreamWorks) earned $34.612M in its second weekend for second place. The animated comedy's cume is $117.290M.

Fox's THE HAPPENING (vfx by CafeFX, ILM, Quantum Creation FX and The Third Floor), opened in third place with $30.517M.

YOU DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN (Sony, vfx by The Orphanage, Gentle Giant Studios, Lola Visual Effects and Stan Winston Studio) dropped to fourth place with $16.37M and a two-week gross of $68.76M.

Paramount's INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL (vfx by ILM, Gentle Giant Studios and Stan Winston Studio) placed fifth and earned an additional $14.741M for a four-week gross of more than $276M.

Sixth place went to SEX AND THE CITY (New Line, vfx by Big Film Design) with $9.788M and a three-week cume of $119.522M.

IRON MAN (Paramount, vfx by ILM, The Orphanage, The Embassy, Gentle Giant Studios, Lola Visual Effects, Pixel Liberation Front and Stan Winston Studio) got seventh place and $5.62M; $297.918M over seven weeks.

Rogue Pictures' THE STRANGERS placed eighth with $4.024M and $45.287 in three weeks.

THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA (Disney, vfx by Moving Picture Company, Framestore CFC, Baseblack, Escape Studios, Giant Studios, Rising Sun Pictures, ScanlineVFX and Weta Digital) came in ninth place with $3.165M and a five-week gross of $131.904M.

Tenth place went to Fox's comedy WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS with $1.667M and $75.755M over six weeks.

Fox's DR. SEUSS' HORTON HEARS A WHO! hauled in $188,736 and a 14-week cume of $153.355M.

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