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Inception Adds Yet More Actors

Despite a secret plot, Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION has just added two more top-notch actors: Ken Watanabe and Tom Hardy, per THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

Nolan wrote the script, an actioner set in the architecture of the mind, and will direct. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as a CEO-type, while Watanabe will be the film's villain who is blackmailing DiCaprio's character. Hardy will be a member of DiCaprio's team.

The cast already includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard. Watanabe worked with Nolan on BATMAN BEGINS.

A summer shoot is expected for a 2010 release. Nolan and Emma Thomas will produce via their WB-based Syncopy Films.

-- By News Editor Annemarie Moody