Search form Now Features Classic Looney Tunes Shorts, the broadband network with the largest offering of free episodic television programs, expands its collection with The Looney Tunes Channel. In addition, fans can also now watch some of the best Hanna-Barbera animated shows including THE JETSONS, THE FLINTSTONES, MAGILLA GORILLA and TOP CAT on the Animation Channel.

The Looney Tunes Channel offers 100 animated shorts from 1936 to 1964, including many rarely seen episodes. The Channel will continue to add more episodes, eventually housing the largest collection. Among the many notable shorts are: PORKY'S DUCK HUNT (1937) featuring the first appearance of Daffy Duck, and PORKY'S HARE HUNT (1938) with Bugs Bunny's historical debut. Other favorites in the initial group include the groundbreaking animated/live-action hybrid, YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES (1940) and WHAT'S UP, DOC? (1950), showcasing Bugs Bunny in an animated version of THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

"The Looney Tunes shorts and their characters are a perfect fit for," said Garth Ancier, gm, "Bugs, Daffy, Porky and the rest of the Looney Tunes gang have been entertaining fans for generations on both large and small screens. Music and animation are two of the most popular categories for streaming video and these channels are great additions to's lineup. " is the first broadband television network, with the largest offering of popular television series available online for free. is a collaboration between Warner Bros. and AOL.

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