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Improv gives animators the power to orchestrate

Improv Technologies, Inc., a New York-based software development company,announced that their flagship product, Orchestrate3D, will be shipping inMarch 2000. A beta version of the tool, which is designed to improvework-flow by allowing artists to reuse animated content to 'orchestrate'new animations, will be available in December. The initial release is beingdeveloped for Maya, 3D Studio MAX, and SOFTIMAGE|3D only, and will besolely available for Windows NT. However an IRIX version is planned forrelease later next year. Previously, the ability to build libraries ofanimation 'snippets' has only been possible through proprietary software --with Orchestrate3D this useful aid to productivity (especially whenanimating similar characters time and time again) will come within thereaches of freelance animators, and smaller studios without softwaredevelopment departments. For more information, visit