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Immersion VirtualHand Plug-In for MOCAP Certified by Kaydara

Immersion Corp. has announced that Kaydara has certified Immersion's new VirtualHand for MOCAP plug-in for MOCAP software. With this new combination, professional filmmakers, motion-capture directors, visual effects artists and game developers can use Immersion's CyberGlove hand-sensing hardware to capture hand motion, then edit and blend the animation in MOCAP. The CyberGlove provides high-performance hand measurement and real-time motion capture.

The VirtualHand for MOCAP plug-in quickly captures accurate hand and finger movement from the CyberGlove instrumented glove directly in MOCAP software (version 5.0 and higher). The plug-in takes advantage of Immersion's Device Configuration Utility to provide sophisticated hand calibration and storage and retrieval of multiple users' hand characteristics.

"We are very pleased to work with Immersion to provide our software customers with higher level functionality for CyberGlove-based hardware," said Jean-Jacques Hermans, vp of marketing and business development at Kaydara. "The VirtualHand plug-in passed our certification tests, and we know our customers are excited about its new capabilities. We look forward to working with Immersion to promote them."

"We are excited about the new capabilities of the CyberGlove system in MOCAP," said Tania Barr, motion-capture technician at Animazoo Europe. "The VirtualHand for MOCAP plug-in will let us increase our use of CyberGloves for animating real-time 3D characters -- and a multitude of other motion-capture projects."

"The combination of Immersion's CyberGlove hardware with Kaydara's MOCAP provides an important new tool for visual effects artists and videogame developers who need high-quality hand-based motion capture for their projects," said Tim Tight, vp/gm, Immersion's Industrial Products Group. "With the new VirtualHand for MOCAP plug-in, an artist can easily produce accurate hand close-ups in animated films and videogames."

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