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Immersion Offers 3D Design Software Free For 30 Days

Immersion 3D, a division of Immersion Corp, announced a 30 day trial offer of Immersion's new VirtualHand Studio software available for download at Immersion's Website, VirtualHand Studio is an intuitive software tool used by designers for verifying, testing and evaluating 3D digital models in real-time. This software converts data from the subtle movement of the physical hand into a graphical hand, letting the user interact with 3D objects. It also allows for the direct import of 3D data from multiple sources, such as 3D Studio MAX and OpenFlight, to construct functional digital 3D prototypes. 3D designers can directly interact with these prototypes using either a standard mouse or a more sophisticated 3D input device, such as Immersion's CyberGlove family of whole-hand sensing and interactive products. After the 30-day trial period, designers will have the opportunity to take advantage of a 30% discount toward the purchase of the software.