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Imira Teams with Zumbastico on 'Horatio and the Plasticines'

Imira Entertainment and Zumbastico Studios are collaborating to co-develop and co-produce “Horatio and the Plasticines.”

Barcelona, Spain -- Imira Entertainment has partnered with Zumbastico Studios (formerly Sólo por las Niñas), independent Chilean producers, to co-develop and co-produce a further series of 52 episodes of their new preschool children’s programme – Horatio and the Plasticines. The agreement sees Imira Entertainment in charge of the international distribution of the property, representing the original series of 26 x 7'as well as the new episodes.

Christophe Goldberger, Producer and Head of Distribution and Marketing at Imira Entertainment says “Horatio and the Plasticines has great potential, in everything from the television series to the music, the interactive component to the consumer product opportunities. We are already seeking partnerships with broadcasters and licensing partners.”

Gabriel Noe, CEO of Zumbastico Studios says “We are thrilled to be partnering with Imira on Horatio and the Plasticines, and we have already enjoyed a mutually beneficial partnership which we are confident will flourish as we continue to work together on this project.”

The charming stop motion animation/live action production introduces Horatio and his box of lively plasticine strips, who each have a distinctive personality and serve as a source of advice and encouragement in his day to day adventures. The Plasticines are also talented musicians in their own band, and frequently use their colourful songs as ways of explaining life lessons that the group learn throughout the show. The concept, initially produced by Zumbastico Studios and Canal Pakapaka (Argentina) after winning a grant from the Chilean TV Council Fund, is now to be developed as a collaboration with Imira, with both companies co-producing and Imira handling all distribution internationally.

Source: Imira Entertainment