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Imira Signs CPLG for 'Lucky Fred'

Imira Entertainment has appointed CLPG as licensing agent for its internationally distributed series “Lucky Fred.”

Barcelona, Spain -- Imira Entertainment has appointed CLPG as licensing agent for its internationally distributed series Lucky Fred. CPLG has come on board for Benelux, Germany and Italy.

Imira is currently putting a strong merchandising strategy in place to support the broadcast success of the new series, targeting key categories: toys, publishing, apparel, stationery as well as promotional and marketing activities. It has also recently signed up the first publishing partners for the brand, with Editorial Planeta (Castilian version) and Grup 62 (Catala version) in place to release sixteen book titles between 2012-2014 including electronic books.

Julian Barbier, Head of Licensing at Imira Entertainment said: “We’re very focused on building the consumer products side of the brand; with the series sold globally and an original app which takes the property multi-platform, it’s the natural next step. CPLG, with its vast expertise, is the ideal partner in these markets and we look forward to working with them on the licensing campaign for Lucky Fred.”

Maria Giovanna Gurrieri, Managing Director at CPLG Italy; Maarten Weck, Managing Director at CPLG Benelux and Joachim Knödler Managing Director at CPLG Germany said: “We are thrilled to be working on a series which stands for European excellence. It has proven to be a TV rating and app success. Lucky Fred is a new fresh property which has many great angles which translate very well into consumer products. This is confirmed by the first feedback from potential licensees which is very positive. We are looking forward to working together with Imira Entertainment and realising a broad CP program throughout the different territories”.

Lucky Fred the television series has already sold to over 155 territories worldwide, to channels including TF1 for France; Disney Channel in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, India, Israel & Australia; Nickelodeon in Benelux, Scandinavia, Latin America, Asia & South Korea; RTM in Malaysia; e-Vision in UAE; TG4 in Ireland and Kidz in Turkey.

Lucky Fred is a 52x12’ 2D animated series for 6-12 year olds, and is an Imira co-production with Spain’s Televisió de Catalunya and RAI Fiction in Italy.

Imira is also rolling out the Lucky Fred cross-platform App, which features a web and mobile-based interactive geo-localised aliens hunt for the whole family to play. It includes multi-layers, collectibles from the series, puzzles and much more. Available around the world via the Apple Store and Android Market, the App recruits fans as special agents and tasks them with finding and neutralising aliens in their own city in exchange for prizes including exclusive collectables. Kids also can get news about the series and obtain daily rewards.

Lucky Fred follows the comic adventures of Fred, an ordinary 13-year-old boy who accidentally became the owner of a super-powered, shape-shifting robot who can turn into any object Fred can dream of with a simple voice command.   The robot’s real name is Anihilator 9-0-9-0-9-0-niner, but he answers to the name Fred gave him — “Friday”.  Before he veered off course, Friday was sent to the Earth intended for Fred’s new next-door neighbour Braianna, a weird girl from his class whose actual identity is Agent Brains — a highly skilled member of a secret, intergalactic security force called ‘the Protectors’. Brains is the Protector assigned to the Earth, and routinely gets called to save the Earth before an alien attack becomes public knowledge. 

Fred, Friday and Brains are a trio of loyal friends who have fun together, navigate middle-school together, and save the planet together. While Fred and Friday are always finding the fun in everyday life, Brains strives to keep her identity secret and the aliens’ bottoms kicked.

Source: Imira Entertainment

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