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IMAX Sees Success with DMR On Spider-Man 2 and in China

IMAX is seeing increased success with its digitally remastering technology IMAX DMR on the release of SPIDER-MAN 2: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE as well as a growing presence in China.

SPIDER-MAN 2 will debut on IMAX screens Aug. 27, 2004. With IMAX DMR, the image quality of the 35mm motion picture is digitally enhanced resulting in images that are as big, sharp as those films originally produced in the 15/70 format. THE SPIDER-MAN 2: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE film format will be 10 times larger than its original.

As for its presence in China, IMAX Corp.s Peace Cinema IMAX venture with Evershining Large Format Theatre Management Corp., a division of Shanghai United Cinemas, has become one the top performing theatres in China, selling out over a dozen shows of SPIDER-MAN 2 -- more than any other theatre in the region.

"The popularity of the Peace Cinema IMAX theatre demonstrates the added value that The IMAX Experience brings to our multiplex, and we are thrilled that SPIDER-MAN 2: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE has drawn such an impressive number of moviegoers," said Wang Bozheng, gm of Peace Cinema. "The public's willingness to pay a premium ticket price clearly indicates that there is a demand to see Hollywood films in IMAX theatres, and so far, the feedback has been extremely positive."

"The strong performance of the Shanghai Peace Cinema IMAX theatre's first day and date release of an IMAX DMR film is an important indication of the worldwide appeal of IMAX DMR films," said Larry T. O'Reilly, svp, Theatre Sales and Film Distribution, IMAX Corp. "We have seen that when the popularity of an IMAX theatre grows in a new market, there is often demand for additional IMAX theatres in surrounding markets. The success of SPIDER-MAN 2: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE at the Peace Cinema demonstrates that there is demand for The IMAX Experience in China and with the help of top exhibitors such as Shanghai United Cinemas, we look forward to continued success with our expansion in the region."

In addition to the IMAX Theatre at Peace Cinema, there are three other IMAX theatres currently operating in the region with several more scheduled to open. There are two IMAX theatres located at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, and one IMAX theatre located in Harbin, at the Heilongjiang Science and Technology Museum. China is IMAX's fastest growing market, with eleven theatres expected to be operating by 2006.

Jointly invested and founded by Shanghai Evershining Culture (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai United Cinema Line Co., Ltd. in October,2003, Shanghai Evershining IMAX Theatre Co., Ltd.'s businesses include IMAX theatre operation and investment in potential IMAX theatres. Shanghai Evershining IMAX Theatre Co., Ltd. owns and operates the IMAX theatre at Peace Cinema, the first commercial IMAX theatre in China.

Founded in 1967, IMAX Corp. is one of the world's leading entertainment technology companies. IMAX's businesses include the creation and delivery of cinematic presentations using proprietary IMAX and IMAX 3D technology and the development of the highest quality digital production and presentation. For more information, visit

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