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IMAX Opens Theater in China

IMAX Corporation's co-chair/ co-ceo Richard L. Gelfond has announced the official opening of the first commercially-operated IMAX theatre in China. The IMAX Theatre at Peace Cinema will be operated by Shanghai Evershining IMAX Theatre Co. Ltd. and Shanghai United Cinema Line Co. Ltd. Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment's APOLLO 13 will mark its first exhibition in China at the new theater.

Gelfond said, "The People's Republic of China is IMAX's fastest growing market, with 11 theatres expected to be operating by 2005. The opening of the region's first commercial IMAX theatre is indicative of the worldwide success of IMAX DMR. With more Hollywood event films becoming available in IMAX's 15/70 format and the development of more cost-effective IMAX theatre systems like our new IMAX MPX system, we believe there are significant international growth opportunities for IMAX as we enter even more emerging markets."

"The positive response to IMAX DMR films from both consumers and exhibitors around the world fueled our interest in opening the IMAX Theatre at Peace Cinema," said Zhou Wenyi, gm of Shanghai Evershining IMAX Theatre Co. Ltd. "The IMAX Experience gives us a point of differentiation from our competitors by enabling us to offer our patrons the world's most unique and immersive cinematic experiences that include Hollywood event films, as well as original IMAX and IMAX 3D films."

Jointly invested and founded by Shanghai Evershining Culture (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai United Cinema Line Co., Ltd. in October, 2003, Shanghai Evershining IMAX Theatre Co., Ltd.'s businesses include IMAX theatre operation and investment in potential IMAX theatres. Shanghai Evershining IMAX Theatre Co., Ltd. owns and operates the IMAX theatre at Peace Cinema, the first commercial IMAX theatre in China.

Founded in 1967, IMAX Corporation is one of the world's leading entertainment technology companies. IMAX's businesses include the creation and delivery of cinematic presentations using proprietary IMAX and IMAX 3D technology, and the development of the highest quality digital production and presentation. For more information, visit

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