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IMAX to Open New 3D Theater at Disneyland Resort Paris

As part of its continuing theatrical expansion in Europe, IMAX. will open a new IMAX 3D theater at Disneyland Resort Paris in June 2004, joining 46 similar theaters currently scheduled to launch throughout Europe at that time. The expansion is via a partnership with Disney as well as EuroPalaces, one of the largest commercial exhibitors in Europe.

The new IMAX theater, to be located within Disney Village, the night-time entertainment center, will be a flagship location for both EuroPalaces and IMAX within Europe. The new theater will be a central showcase for IMAX DMR (Digital Re-Mastering) releases such as the recent MATRIX RELOADED, which was repurposed for presentation in the IMAX 15 perf/70mm format using proprietary software.

As a leading exhibitor in France, EuroPalaces already operates the successful Gaumont Disney Village multiplex (15 screens, 3,500 seats).

IMAX Corp. (, founded in 1967, has more than 230 IMAX theaters operating in 34 countries.