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Imaginary Forces Tackles MTV Movie Awards

Imaginary Forces tackles the MTV Movie Awards with iconic and exhilarating blockbuster homages in 13 category animations.


Los Angeles, CA -- Imaginary Forces creative director Grant Lau brought iconic and exhilarating blockbuster homages to the 2013 MTV Movie Awards in 13 category animations: Movie of the Year, Male, Female, Breakthrough, On-Screen Duo, Shirtless, Fight, Kiss, WTF Moment, Scared-As-Sh**t, Musical Moment, Hero and Villain.  As well as screen content, broadcast graphics and additional editorial packages.  The animations, and show, aired Sunday, April 14th, on MTV.     

Each category begins with an animation dedicated to iconic characters and images related to the category: a Kill Bill samurai sword slicing and dicing for Female, an E.T. finger touch for On-Screen Duo, a Fight Club-inspired pink bar of soap for Fight, to name a few.   

Explains Lau, “The process usually starts with our client Lee Lodge.  He will have an idea or picture and from there we start the design process.  Our general directive was to animate iconic blockbusters related to each category.  From there it was a fun, creative process of discovery.”

The tools Lau and team used were MAXON Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator, and Apple Final Cut Pro.   

Top entertainment studios, global brands and A-list agencies tap Imaginary Forces (IF) to find new ways to engage and inspire audiences. IF's diverse talent pool of artists and creative professionals bring elite conceptual design solutions to projects in commercials, digital media, feature films and film marketing, television and architectural spaces. 

Underlying each endeavor is their passionate belief that no project is too large, too small or too complex to benefit from beautiful and inventive design. 

The innovative studio has garnered numerous advertising industry awards as well as multiple Emmy Awards including an Emmy for their iconic titles work on AMC’s smash drama series Mad Men.

Source: Imaginary Forces

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