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ILM Enlists Intel For Animation Workstations

Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), a division of Lucas Digital Ltd. LLC, revealed its latest Intel technology deployment of 600 Pentium 4 processor-based animation workstations. "The visual effects industry has traditionally been a land of proprietary systems and software," said Cliff Plumer, ILMs Chief Technology Officer. "At ILM, were increasingly using Intel-based systems to expand our range of software choices for animation and compositing. In fact, having Intel at the core of our desktop systems provides greater quality and productivity because it can handle more iterations with greater frequency. We can now run any operating system we want." ILM began experimenting with Intel-based systems on STAR WARS: EPISODE I, and fully implemented the systems for effects work on STAR WARS: EPISODE II "ATTACK OF THE CLONES," MEN IN BLACK II and MINORITY REPORT. Upcoming projects for ILM include STAR WARS: EPISODE III, HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS, THE HULK and TERMINATOR 3: THE RISE OF THE MACHINES. Other large studios currently employing Intel technology include DreamWorks, which used Intel-based systems for SHREK and SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMMARON, is now testing Itanium 2-based systems, and Walt Disney Pictures recently disclosed plans to use Intel-based Hewlett-Packard workstations and data-serving computers for work in its animation division. In addition, Sony Pictures Imageworks recently used more than 600 Intel processors in creating visual effects and animation for SPIDER-MAN and STUART LITTLE 2.